Hidden Wall Hanger Details

Velcro Works Best

Velcro is the safest way to display Navajo weavings- Thousands of tiny plastic "hooks" grab the wool fibers of the weaving and hold it securely.

Our hidden hangers feature a 2" strip of Velcro that will securely hold most rugs and weavings (larger hangers have an extra strip of Velcro- see below). 

Designed for Navajo Weavings

Our hangers are made with 1/4" thick solid wood, and are light and durable. 

Each  hanger has a plastic-coated stainless steel wire on the back, attached with two picture frame rings.  The wire hooks on a nail or screw in the wall.

Spacing of the rings is about 7", which prevents the wire from showing above the rug (the wire will stretch over time). 

Felt pads are added to the back of each hanger to prevent marring the wall surface.

Our hangers also allow the weaving to hang away from the wall by about 1/2", promoting air circulation behind the weaving.

Extra Features for Large Hangers

Large rugs and weavings usually require more holding power than one 2" strip of Velcro, so we've added an extra 1" strip of Velcro to hangers larger than 35".

The larger size also has a longer wire with an extra pair of picture frame rings.  The long wire prevents the weaving from bending inward from the sides.



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