Use sticky-back Velcro to attach your Navajo weaving directly to the wall.  The Velcro has thousands of tiny plastic "Hooks" that grab the wool fibers of the weaving and hold it securely. 

The other side of the Velcro strip has an adhesive, and can be cut with scissors.  Simply peel off the paper backing and press firmly against the wall. Then press the weaving onto the Velcro and you're done. 

For heavy weavings, use strips along the sides as well as the top. We have Velcro in 2" and 4" widths, and lengths of 24" and 48".

For rugs that won't stay stuck to the Velcro hooks, we also offer 1-1/2" sew-on Velcro "Loop".  Simply sew the Loop strip to the back of your weaving. The Loop strip, combined with the Hook strip is usually enough to hold the weaving.

Please note:  Velcro cannot easily be removed from the wall!




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2" x 24" (Adhesive Hook)


2" x 48" (Adhesive Hook)


4" x 24" (Adhesive Hook)


4" x 48" (Adhesive Hook)


1-1/2" x 24" (Sew Loop) 


1-1/2" x 48" (Sew Loop) 







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